Barbara Tint, PhD is a Professor of Conflict Resolution at Portland State University and the University of Oregon Law School, USA.  She also works as a private trainer, consultant and facilitator.  Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Barbara also works globally. She has lived and worked in Australia, France, India and Israel and has worked in many other countries spanning five continents. Her main areas of training and focus are in Power & Status, Intercultural Relations, Gender Relations, Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution and Dialogue Processes.  She has worked with governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, private industry, educational contexts and community settings. Barbara has worked for many years with refugee communities and has a book coming out on the use of Dialogue Processes with historically conflicted refugee communities.  The book is called Diasporas in Dialogue and will be coming out in the Fall of 2016. Barbara is also currently in the process of developing critical frameworks for exploring power dynamics in organizational and community contexts. Barbara coordinates the collaboration between the Applied Improvisation Network and the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre.  Barbara sits on the Board of the Applied Improvisation Network and uses improv skills and principles in everything she does – including life!
Key Skills
  • Facilitating and training in dialogue
  • Working with dynamics of power and status
  • MCing large group events
  • Training in gender processes and dynamics
  • Facilitating around issues of race and culture
  • Working with small and large group conflict
  • Collaborating across organizational contexts
  • Training leaders in dynamics leadership