Gabe Mercado was born in and continues to live in Metro Manila in the Philippines where he is Academic Director of the Third World Improv school and is the founder and artistic director of SPIT, Manila’s premiere improv company. He has had over fifteen years of experience as a Training and Development professional working with different corporations, non government organizations and people’s organizations.  He specializes in coaching for effective communication, storytelling, strategic problem solving and doing pitching workshops for startup and tech companies. He has been a part of Applied Improvisation Network board since 2014.

Gabe is at his best as a facilitator during workshops for small groups or conventions for in front of thousands of participants. His extensive experience doing engaging and interactive programs has made him one of the more popular facilitators and hosts in Metro Manila.

Key Skills
  • Presenting for television with over a decade of experience
  • Facilitating and hosting for  large group events
  • Training in storytelling techniques
  • Facilitating creative and strategic problem solving techniques
  • Designing training programs around improvisation and qualitative consumer research
  • Collaborating across diverse cultures
  • Training for facilitators

Academic Director of Third World Improv. Founder and artistic director of SPIT, Manila’s premiere improv company. Training and Development professional. Applied Improvisation Network board member.