Heather Lyons has worked with homeless and related programs and policy ever since she decided to leave her hometown in Virginia to be a VISTA volunteer in San Antonio, Texas in 1992.  She also has over 20 years of experience in public speaking and facilitation in the public and non-profit sectors and has provided training on these topics for the past 3 years.

As an Associate Director with Consulting and Training at CSH, Ms. Lyons provides a range of training and advisement services to government, nonprofit, and private clients in numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada. She is often called upon to help design training sessions and presentations because of her ability to take complex information and make it compelling and easy to understand.  She is an expert facilitator, using a relational approach that draws people into conversation while moving a process along.

Heather has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Mary Washington College, and has training in Applied Improvisation, which takes the proven tools and techniques used by theater and musical improvisers into organizations and communities to improve adaptability and responsiveness, increase collaboration and innovation, and foster creativity.  Her work and play in theater improv provides a platform for sharing techniques with others to help with storytelling, engaging audiences, and being able to “be” in the moment.