In good improvisational style, interests and needs of the participants and in the moment processes will be factored into design.  Be prepared for adaptation, flexibility, resilience and thinking on your feet.  Laughter and fun may also occur. Wear comfortable clothes for ease of movement.

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Workshop Overview

All sessions during this two-day workshop will be interactive, demonstrating the tools and techniques of Applied Improvisation.  The following schedule is our basic framework.   Please note that this schedule is subject to change. 

Workshop objectives include:
  • Developing a common understanding of the humanitarian context and the benefits and challenges of using applied improvisation technique,
  • Exploring how improvisation techniques can build resilience amongst humanitarian workers, and affected communities, before, during, and after disasters,
  • Designing and implementing creative and dynamic activities that engage communities and partners and illuminate even the most serious issues,
  • Learning facilitation tips, tricks, techniques relevant for engaging diverse groups within and beyond humanitarian sector,
  • Applying improvisation techniques in facilitation, capacity building and training, monitoring and evaluation, and learning events.

The workshop will also include a Design Lab, where you can bring actual, real-world situations and issues to see how improvisation techniques might be helpful. You will interact with other professionals from the humanitarian sector and experts in creativity and applied improvisation.

Day One: Wednesday, 10 August

8:30 am     Registration and Coffee

9:00 am     Welcome and Connecting

9:30 am     Program Overview

10:00 am   The Humanitarian Context: Connecting through our Experiences

11:00 am   Break

11:30 am   Case Studies

1:00 pm     Lunch

2:00 pm     What works? Why and how? Case Study Exploration

3:30 pm     Break

4:00 pm     Design Lab: Part 1

4:45 pm     Closing

5:00 pm     Finish


Day Two: Thursday 11 August

9:00 am     Day One Debrief

9:30 am    Secrets of Improvisation: Know and Use them In Your Work

11:00 am   Break

11:30 am   Design Lab Part 2: Using Improvisation in Humanitarian Contexts

11:30           Open Space: Introduction and Demonstration

12:00          Open Space Session 1

1:00              Lunch 

2:00             Open Space Session 2

3:00 pm     Break

3:30 pm     Reflection and Evaluation

4:00 pm      Closing

5:00 pm     Finish